Hungary, a country situated in central Europe.

Uncover the beauty of its capital city Budapest. Visit Chain Bridge, a suspension bridge that spans the river Danube. Attend the Budapest Opera House for one its spectacular shows, or marvel at the iconic statues located in Heroes' Square.

Visit Budapest City Park, said to be the first public park in the world. Be introduced to the wildlife in Budapest zoo, the Municipal Circus, and the Amusement Park. Skate at the City Park Ice-Skating Rink, dine at the distinguished Gundel Restaurant, and bathe in the Sychenyi Baths.

Discover the St. Stephens Cathedral, admired for its neo-Renaissance and neoclassical architecture. Visit the streets and courtyards of District 8's palace neighbourhood, and indulge in unique treasures on Budapest's Antique Row.

Desire to shop in designer boutiques, or explore the many awe inspiring landscapes; visit Castle Hill an Unesco world heritage site, or appreciate the bright majectic lights of the city at night.

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