Westminster Tours

Discover the world in a way that brings together luxury travel and unparalleled service. Visit the most desirable locations around the world in the most extravagant ways. Explore cities, bask in the sun's rays on luxurious white sandy beaches, then while the sun sets sail away.

Visit many of the world's most glorious shores, like in the Maldives where relaxation is paramount and the seas are divine. We plan adventures to the Russian Arctic, where you can enjoy unrivalled experiences and travel to the North Pole - a once in a lifetime experience. You have the option to charter a yacht in the Indian Ocean or embark on a journey trekking to Everest Base Camp, or why not learn to sail in Mediterranean seas, enjoy a selection of the finest wines, authentic cuisine and sea fishing.

Explore some of our favourite destinations

Indian Ocean

Awe inspiringly beautiful; pristine waters and powdery soft sand beaches.


Elegant and diverse, steeped in history and culturally rich.

United Arab Emirates

A world of indulgence, dazzling skyscrapers and opulent hotels.